All about being baptised at a Christening service at St Peter’s Church Highfields

We are thrilled and excited that you are interested in being baptised, or having you child baptised. Baptism and Christening are the same thing, but we talk about Christenings as the whole day, and baptism as
the specific part of the service in church.
We want your day to be special, because it is special and we will help in whatever way we can.

All about Baptism and Christening
At St Peter’s, our baptisms normally take place during our 11.00am Sunday service. If you have a particular date in mind please contact us as soon as possible – we can not guarantee a specific date but will always do out best to accommodate you.

Anybody can be baptised, as long you have not been baptised before. When young children are baptised it is normal to have three Godparents who will commit to pray for and help bring up the child. There is more detail on the back page.
To help you prepare we normally run special events to talk through the Christening, reflect on your faith and what being baptised means, and to alleviate any worries you may have about the service.

The Christening is a big day and we would encourage you to share this with your friends and family. They are all welcome into the church whether they are Christians or another faith, or do not believe. The service includes them making some commitments to your child and the opportunity to share bread and wine in the communion when we recall the Last Supper of Jesus and the promises He made. However, people are also welcome to come for a blessing or to remain in their seats at this point of the service.

If you want to find out more, the best thing is to come along to one of our services. They are normally at 11.00am on Sundays but if you are making a special journey it is worth checking before travelling. These services are also streamed online – you can find out more on the homepage of this website.
If you would like to see Jonathan, our Priest, to talk about baptism and to make arrangements, please contact him direct.
Jonathan Surridge, 07419759741; He would love to meet with you.

If you want to complete the application form, you can download the leaflet or complete it on line.