We are St Peter’s, a church and community centre proudly serving Highfields for almost 150 years. Indeed, our church and Old Hall were built before most of the houses, and we have seen many changes in Highfields. But we have been a beacon of faith, hope, care and hospitality for all this time.

We are an active community who worship Jesus through our actions and when we gather together. We all appreciate a good welcome, and we enjoy singing – although we have no choir, but our organ is nationally renowned, and we try do what we do well.

Our priest, Rev Jonathan Surridge, leads most of our services, and would be happy to meet and have a chat with you if you would like. But we are all pretty approachable.

We have a beautiful church with stunning stained glass windows, some fantastic Arts and Crafts inspired pieces and an intriguing history. Do pop in to have a look round.

We have a community hall which we use to provide some facilities for the local area, and host a number of groups, including some other churches and groups of other faiths. Do ask for details.

If you would like to use one of our rooms, please ask. You can telephone us on 0116 255 3095, or click here.